Our Mission: A Premium Customer Experience for Full Optimization of the RP Radiology Suite

RP White Glove helps radiology departments achieve better results using fewer internal resources. Patients do better. Providers do better. Time is saved and resources conserved.

Your Challenge

Time and resources. Where do you start? It’s easy. Premium customer experience.

RP Support Options

Standard Support

All solutions within the RP Suite of products – RP Essentials, and RP Expert – include excellent product support. Rest assured: your team members' questions will be answered.

RP White Glove

Take the next step. With RP White Glove, our customers will receive a number of unique benefits, such as:

Doctor Checking Watch
  • Quarterly system reviews
  • Establishing and monitoring baseline analytics for benchmarking and quality assurance purposes
  • Ongoing monitoring of protocol use for compliance with local or global best practices
  • Tracking and improving user adoption rates
  • Identifying performance gaps and suggestions for performance improvement
  • Custom branding to match your organization’s online look & feel
  • Up to five hours of complementary protocol building or updates

Bottom Line

With more thorough support, RP White Glove will provide the extra solutions needed for success.


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