Our Mission: Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support is your key to better clinical outcomes and higher reimbursement rates. Patients do better. Providers do better. Time is saved and resources conserved.

Your Challenge

To meet the requirements affecting your workflow, CDS is an optimal model for physicians to obtain an appropriateness score prior to ordering an advanced radiologic scan. With new legislation, upcoming mandates dictate that non-compliance means Medicare reimbursement will not happen. Radiology Protocols will help you meet the requirements. Where do you start? It’s easy. RP Expert for CDS.

RP Expert

RP Expert is a clinical decision support tool that:

  • Improves patient outcomes and patient satisfaction rates
  • Avoids costly errors and adverse events
  • Reduces frequency of orders for unnecessary imaging scans
  • Helps ordering physicians quickly obtain an appropriateness score
  • Ensures the highest possible reimbursement rates for work performed

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Bottom Line

The clock is ticking. Can you afford not to use RP Expert today? Are you ready?

Fast Fact
According to the American College of Physicians, unnecessary tests total up to $250 billion a year.

Source: Reuters - Stemming the tide of over treatment in U.S. healthcare (February 2012)


Clinical Decision Support in 3 Easy Steps.

RP Expert combines your radiology workflow, protocols and patient information to ensure the right patient gets the right scan for the right indication.

RP Expert:

  • Ties protocol management and departmental workflow into one seamless CDS system
  • Offers an intuitive CDS workflow, which leads to informed decisions that consider reimbursement rates
  • Allows users to search patient history and indications, and within seconds receive appropriate scan recommendations based on evidence-based guidelines*
  • Uses Global Appropriateness Factor™, a proprietary algorithm for either global or regional compliance

* Evidence-based guidelines assist referring physicians and other providers in making the most appropriate imaging or treatment decision for a specific clinical condition.


Discover the Power and Peace of Mind of Compliance


EHR-agnostic, RP Expert seamlessly integrates with your EHR/EMR system and works within HIPAA boundaries. RP Expert’s clinical decision support workflow is integrated within your existing CPOE, so productivity is not impacted.


Users will quickly discover RP Expert doesn’t just change a department’s workflow … it improves it.


GO Live!™ with your customized, scalable, HIPAA-secure hosted RP Expert solution within six weeks.


More than 10% of radiology exams aren’t necessary or are duplicative … A recent RP survey of 165 radiology administrators shows knowledge transfer errors account for 67% of required repeat radiologic exams.

RP AHRA Survey, October 2014


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