Our Mission: Intelligent Analytics

Our goal is to overlay our RP procedural management solution with an analytical layer to provide our customers actionable data.

Your Challenge

Today’s radiology departments must focus on productivity, quality, reimbursement and compliance. Analytics is your scorecard for clinical and financial performance. Patients do better. Providers do better. Time is saved and resources conserved. Where do you start? It’s easy. With RP Evidence, a core part of the new RP Essentials offering, intelligent analytics and intuitive dashboards help create a more powerful model for any provider.

RP Evidence

Hospitals, health systems and clinics need RP Evidence to identify their imaging performance gaps. RP Evidence:

  • Provides the information you need in easy-to-read dashboards
  • Monitors and identifies performance gaps in a facility, shift or clinician’s throughput
  • Gives you the transparent data needed to establish accountability at all levels throughout your organization
  • Pinpoints exactly where corrective action is required

Doctor Meeting

Bottom Line

Get the information you need to drive performance improvement throughout your organization.

Ask Yourself
Is our department providing the best possible care for our patients? Will our imaging exams be reimbursed? How will our decisions and performance affect clinical outcomes?


Performance Gap Discovery and Analysis in 1 Dashboard

RP Evidence quickly and easily aggregates data from multiple systems into one convenient dashboard.

With RP Evidence, you will understand:

  • Variance between exam requested and exam performed
  • Order placement, exam completion, time to dictation and time to treatment
  • Reimbursement denials by ordering physician, technologist or exam type
  • System utilization rates and counts by radiologist, technologist, procedure type, radiology RVU, clinic hour, shift and facility


Discover the Power and Peace of Mind of Intelligent Analytics


Quickly unlock intelligence derived from the data found in your IT systems, without draining your IT support resources.


RP Evidence dashboards and reports are fully customizable. Drag and drop functionality makes customization easy without IT support. User access to data can be easily controlled.


GO Live!™ with your customized, scalable, HIPAA-secure hosted RP Evidence solution within days.


… there’s a big gap between where healthcare CEOs are now, and where they want to be. Only 25% have already started or completed the changes they’re planning to make their companies more innovative. Only 33% have altered their technology investments, and only 36% have made any headway in getting to grips with big data.


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