Our Mission: Total Protocol Control

Protocols are the building blocks of radiology performance. When scans are done right the first time, everyone wins. Patients do better. Providers do better. Time is saved and resources conserved.

Your Challenge

Radiologists, clinicians and technologists need to communicate efficiently and follow established guidelines. Productivity, quality, reimbursement and patient outcomes depend on it. Where do you start? It’s easy. Total protocol control.

RP Essentials

RP Essentials revolutionizes the management of imaging protocols by easily:

  • Standardizing and organizing imaging protocols for improved efficiencies
  • Managing and sharing imaging protocols for all modalities
  • Updating best practices across entire organizations
  • Notifying users of all updates immediately
Best of all, RP Evidence, a core analytical offering for administrators, is now included with the purchase of RP Essentials.

Bottom Line

Faster processes allows radiologists and technologists to do more with the same resources. Better processes result in fewer:

  • Rescans
  • Repeat exams
  • Patient complaints
  • Preventable medical errors


With the ability to highly customize our pediatric protocols it allows us to maximize our resident physicians' efficiencies and improve workflow, while reducing medical risk due to standardization. Training required is very minimal due to the intuitive nature of the website.

Yutaka Sato, MD, Section Head, Pediatric Radiology, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics


Total Protocol Control in 3 Easy Clicks

RP Essentials greatly improves radiology department communication and productivity by eliminating inefficiencies of paper-based and other archaic systems.

With RP Essentials, you:

  • Have access to all protocols in one location accessible from any web-enabled device
  • Easily and quickly search, select and display the current up-to-date protocol by modality complete with machine specific DICOM tags
  • Can access clinical image libraries for visual enhancement of protocol specifics
  • Reduce potential liability from malpractice suits


Discover the Power and Peace of Mind of Total Protocol Control


RP Essentials requires no additional software or hardware to be fully functional. Neither implementation nor ongoing use will drain your IT support resources.


The most technically-challenged users will quickly embrace the intuitive look and feel of RP Essentials, enabling them to be productive on day one. Users will quickly discover RP Essentials doesn’t just change a department’s workflow … it improves it.


GO Live!™ with your customized, scalable, HIPAA-secure hosted RP Essentials solution within four easy weeks.


Customization and standardization of complex imaging procedures are quickly built into RP’s protocol management platform (RP Essentials). This includes scanner settings and graphical representations of desired imaging regions. The high degree of protocol customization and specificity allows our team to effectively communicate and manage specific imaging instructions, no matter how unique or non-routine the exam may be.

Jason Hebert, RT (CT), CT Corporate Team Leader, Cardiovascular Institute of the South


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