Our Mission: Imaging Knowledge Share

Knowledge share is your passport to the future of radiology and imaging success. Patients do better. Providers do better. Time is saved and resources conserved.

Our Shared Challenge

As an industry, we need to improve:

  • Quality. The current US rate of 4 to 7% repeat exams is too high
  • Resource utilization. Inefficient processes lower RVU performance and provider profits
  • Patient outcomes. Inefficiency results in patient dissatisfaction at best and preventable medical errors at worst
  • Compliance. What complies today may not tomorrow

RP Educate

RP Educate helps educators, technologists, physicians and administrators in two ways:
1.  Imaging Knowledge Share Platform
2.  Protocol and process best practices consulting for Radiology

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Bottom Line

With an added knowledge base, RP Educate will enhance and improve even your strongest proficiencies.

Whether you need access to our knowledge share platform or professional advice to solve your unique challenges, you can count on RP Educate.

Stephanie Harris, BS, RT(R)(M)(CT), Educator


The RP Educate platform allows:

  • Users to customize, access and maintain a variety of radiology educational tools
  • Access to an education forum for radiology professionals
  • Collaboration opportunities with RP’s educational advisory board
  • Customized 3D modeling to enhance protocol accuracy with visual references
  • Use of modality-specific calculators including:
    - Radiation dose estimation
    - MRI conversion
    - Contrast dosing/injection rate
    - Pregnancy gestation
  • Access to customizable image libraries and teaching files
  • Competency forms attached to specific protocols to assess user proficiency

The RP Educate consulting solution:

  • RP Essentials’ protocol management platform is only as good as the protocols within it - RP Educate helps you improve your protocols
  • RP Expert offers the decision support platform you need for clinical improvement and regulatory compliance - RP Educate helps you map your current and future paths to compliance


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